Della Vigna products. All Italians. All extraordinary.


It was born in Tuscany and in Campania, in some small artisan workshops. Here, every step in the process is still manual and traditional. The Della Vigna pasta masters select the best grains and wheat germ to obtain an excellent full-bodied dough. Most of our pasts have a short supply chain. The cultivation of durum wheat occurs in the provinces of Siena and Grosseto, the milling in the province of Florence and the manufacturing in San Romano (province of Pisa) and in Piteccio (province of Pistoia). Another production takes place in a craft workshop in Gragnano, in the heart of the pasta district of the Pasta di Gragnano IGP consortium.


Produced in Tuscany (in San Miniato and Buti in the province of Pisa) and in Lastra a Signa (in the province ofFlorence). Delectable, fragrant and genuine. Some are prepared with ingredients from organic farming.


The spring from which Acqua Classica Della Vigna is derived was founded in 1638 in the heart of the Casentinesi Forests National Park. A splendid and uncontaminated place in Tuscany. It flows pure and light from the historical source of Verna, standing at a height of 1,128 meters. Taste the difference.


Produced exclusively in Tuscany, in Castellina Marittima in the province of Pisa, from purely organic raw materials and an often short supply chain. Always with Tuscan crops.

Pesti and Bruschette

Made exclusively in Liguria (in Arma di Taggia, province of Imperia) and prepared with organic ingredients. They are an expression of typical Ligurian recipes like Genovese pesto and the labor-intensive, salsa alle noci (walnut sauce).

Truffle Sauces

Produced in a small artisan workshop in Tuscany (San Miniato, province of Pisa) by skilled artisan hands using traditional methods. Available in several classic and delectable varieties.


Born in hand-crafted artisan workshops in Tuscany (Montopoli Val d’ Arno, province of Pisa) and made with only the highest quality ingredients. Luscious creams and delicate truffles.


Della Vigna preserves and compotes originate from the plains of Ferrara. An area of northern Italy dedicated to the production of high quality fruits and vegetables. All preserves and mousses are prepared by hand, using natural processes and perfectly ripe seasonal fruits and vegetables grown exclusively by small, local farms using traditional and non-intensive methods.


They are produced in a small artisan workshop in Tuscany, with the best milled durum wheat semolina.